Fishing Day

When fly fishing for dorado on the High Parana River in Argentina, the fishing day is as follows. At Refugio Amokañi breakfast is served around 5:30 AM and the clients generally are on the boats around 6:30 AM.  The guide and his boat are waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs and you often making your first cast within 3 to 5 minutes of leaving the beach.

You will be fishing the side channels of the upper sections of the High Parana, a location famous for the concentration of fish.  Casting while drifting along the shore is the most common practice and you will mostly be fishing structure.

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Other Activities

Amokañi is located in an area with great birding and wildlife.  The howler monkeys will likely wake you up in the morning, and birders can have a full time job observing all of the species. Bird life is incredible and the viewing is excellent right out your front door.  You can also just relax on the deck where the evening hors’deurves, wine, and beer are served.


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