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Fly Fishing Laguna Larga, Argentina – The Fish

Argentina Dorado Tres VallesA fly fishing paradise exists in Argentina at Laguna Larga. There is a huge variety of rivers, spring creeks and lakes, all of different size, speed, and character.  Each day you will fish a different location that holds all or one of the main target species; rainbows, browns, brookies, and landlocked salmon.  In the rivers expect rainbows and browns on dry flies up to 20 inches or so, with an average of around 14 to 18 inches.  There is the occasional monster to test your skills.  In the lake 26 inch browns are not uncommon.  Here is a list of the rivers and a brief description.

Rio Rivadavia – One of the most beautiful rivers in Patagonia.  This is a must for every angler.  There is good site fishing to rainbows, browns, and landlocked salmon.  Fishing is generally with nymphs and small dry flies.  Tippets are generally small, in the 4X and 5X range.

Rio Strange –  A great river for brookies.

Rio Grande or Futaleufu – This is a 30 mile tailwater with lots of rainbows and browns.   Typical fish are in the 14 to 20 inch range.  There is an abundance of aggressive fish activity, so it is a great place for hoppers and larger dries.  Those deep pools need a big streamer.

Rio Frey – A spectacular 9 mile river with browns, rainbows, and brookies.  This is fast water where big stone fly nymphs are effective.

Lago Kruger and Estrecho Los Monstruous –  This is a 20 minute boat trip leading to this small lake.  Along the way you pass through a stretch of water holding the largest trout in the area.  Fishing along weed lines and steep walls with dries is productive.

Rio Arrayanes – You begin fishing at Lago Verde along weed lines and finish in the Rio Arrayanes emerald waters.  The river mouth is exceptionally exciting.

Arroyo Pescado – This famous spring creek is located in the Patagonian estepae.  This is drier land with a completely different view.  This is all dry fly fishing..much of it site fishing.

Nant Y Fall, Desaguadero Y Corintos –  This a small beautiful stream made for light tippets and rods.  The nice rainbows will be interrupted with some big boys.

Rio Pico – Think small water, big fish.  This River is an over-night excursion from Laguna Larga, and it holds an exceptional number of large browns and rainbows.  Fishing requires a fair amount of wading, which is not difficult.

Laguna Larga – You generally fish this lake the day you arrive.  It is always a good option for fishing early in the morning or late in the evening.  The lake has some of the largest browns in the area, up to 26 inches, with some bigger monsters caught each season.  The average is between 19 and 22 inches.  Big dries at sunset are a blast.

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Other Activites

Laguna Larga Lodge offers a wide variety of activities for those who are not anglers, among which you may find, hiking, horseback riding, flora and fauna tours in the National Park, bird watching, scenic float and raft trips, kayaking, cultural tours and more.  You can even have a tango lesson in the lodge during January or February, whenever 5 guests or more are there.


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