Pricing for Fly Fishing Trips to Argentina’s Laguna Larga

For fly fishing trips for trout to Argentina’s Laguna Larga pricing is as follows. Rates at Laguna Larga Lodge are $570 per day (double rate), including transfer to the Lodge from the airport.  The $150 fishing license and entrance fee to the Arroyo Pescado is an additional charge. Depending on itineraries, the trip may involve over-night stays or day rooms in Buenos Aires.  The BA hotel charge and transfer fees are subject to individual itineraries.  The cost for 6 days fishing, seven night trip is $3,650, including the fishing license.   Rates do not include gratuities.  Any schedule and any location in Argentina can be accommodated.

Typically fishermen have a day room in one of the luxury hotels in Buenos Aires city for the day they arrive and your last afternoon in the country,  Currently the round trip domestic flight from Buenos Aires to Esquel city is about $745.

Please note we will be unable to guarantee transfers costs as the flights, cost of rooms, and city transfers are changing often.