Rates for fly fishing in Tanzania for Tiger Fish

The package trip is 7 nights with the trip split between the Dhalla and Samaki Camps. You will have six and one-half days of fishing. For 2018 the double occupancy price is $8,960, plus the additional night or nights in Dar es Salaam. The price includes lodging at both camps, meals, all beverages, Tanzanian Conservation fees, your private air charter from Dar es Salaam, and fishing license. It does not include gratuities or entry visas.

* The non-fishing, double occupancy “observer” rate is $5,000 with an additional fee of $200 per day for activities (game viewing drives and river trips). This location is very appropriate if combining the trip with an African hunting or photographic safari. **Note – The Tanzanian government is often changing conservation fees at a moment’s notice. Please verify the current rate before booking your trip, as it may go up slightly or down slightly, depending on the current attitude of the government.  

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