The Fish

Fly Fishing in Tanzania – The Fish

The Tiger

A Tiger fish is something out of a bad dream.  Their jaws are equipped in a fashion superior to a barracuda, and their big forked tales and generally bad attitude make them supercharged for the initial strike and run. Add dodging crocodiles and avoiding the bad tempered hippos, and you have a real adventure on your hands.

You will fish our custom 1/0 to 4/0 flies with 250 to 350 grain sink tips.  You can also fish intermediate and even floating lines in some sections of the river.  The fish call for a 9 to 10 weight rod. Expect 10 to 20 grabs per day, and about one fifth of the fish hooked actually landed. Tigers have a nasty habit of holding their prey in their sufficiently large teeth until it is dead. Your fly is often simply held in the teeth, for as long as five minutes sometimes, and a solid hook up never occurs. A really hard strip strike is always in order. Expect the fish to range from 3 pounds (rats to the guides) to 25 pounds. Most will be in the 8 to 10 pound range.  You will likely loose fish in excess of 25 pounds.

When the fish are on the strikes are some of the most aggressive you will ever experience. Gloves or waterproof tape area a must.

This rivers have received very little fishing pressure over the centuries, and with our controlled fly fishing venture will continue to do so. The system is also extremely rich in bait fish (predominantly red finned barbs).  The combination of these factors has resulted in this population of tiger fish obtaining otherwise unheard of sizes. Trophy fish in this system are measured above 20 pounds.  Be prepared to have you fly fishing paradigms shifted!

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