Welcome To Pescador Solitario

Pescador Solitario is Spanish for Solitary Angler and the name means everything. We do not like crowds! Although saltwater fly-fishing for the last seventeen years, I have dedicated the last eight years to finding the next great undiscovered fly-fishing destinations.

The search began in Central America with great success on the Belize/Mexican border, near the small fishing village of Xcalak. Bonefish, permit, tarpon, and snook are the primary targets. Some of our clients made their ninth trip this year. The flats are user friendly and fishing, in a word, is awesome. Pescador Solitario and our clients were the FIRST to explore this region and guides trained by Pescador Solitario know more about these waters than anyone.

Then it was off to Alaska, where Painter Creek Lodge provides classic Alaskan fly-fishing in an incredibly remote and beautiful setting. King salmon are generally the target of my trips, because this location provides the unusual opportunity to fly-fish for these 20 to 50 pound, sea bright bruisers. All of the five Pacific salmon and artic char are plentiful. The fishing is nothing less than incredible and we are pleased to have a sister relationship with this facility. In addition to hosted trips for Kings, we book throughout the season. Spots fill quickly so call early.

My friend Marcelo Perez pulled something off I never thought was possible. After two years of work, the Argentine government awarded him the exclusive right to fish a tailwater on the Uruguay River. You have never heard of this area because it has been closed to fishing for years. You also may never have heard of a fresh-water dorado. Imagine a golden, giant brown trout with pit bull jaws, that lives in the river with piranhas….a rough neighborhood. When hooked the fish essentially acts like a tarpon.

I believe this is the best concentration of trophy dorado in the world and the fishing is not for sissies.. The result of our first trips provided fish in the 30 and 40 pound ranges. Marcelo’s big fish record of 43 pounds was quickly shattered, with a lucky Argentine landing a 49.5 pound fish. We hooked fish that simply could not be stopped, leaving us wondering about a 60 pound fish. This size of dorado was once only the subject of legends. Remember, a “good” fish in other fisheries is a mere 10 pounds. As part of the agreement with the government, we weighed, measured, and tagged, every fish, and the biologists produced amazing statistics for La Zona, truly the land of monsters. I can’t wait to get back!

Down on the Costa Rica/Panama border is a small quiet lodge that started as a dolphin research center. The draw? GIANT tarpon. This Atlantic tarpon fishery is unpressured and when you add tropical jungle, wildlife, magnificent beaches, and a coral reef, you have paradise. We call it Tarponville. This small Manzanillo, Costa Rica lodge has been in operation for about three years and much of the area is still to be explored. Guides are learning and boats are being improved. The fishing is awesome. It is important to go at the prime weather and moon phases so give us a call for info on the best time of year to plan your trip.

The locations you will find on this site are remote and pristine, and all have excellent, and sometimes unique fishing. None are easy to get to but the fish are fast and big, and the expert guides work long hours. None of this back at 4:30 business and the lodge ownerships are exemplary hosts.

One more cast to all.

Mark Cowan
Pescador Solitario