Generally a trip to Amokañi follows landing in Buenos Aries early in the morning. Clients have a choice of over-nighting in BA to enjoy the great restaurants, tango, and other attractions. At present Aerolineas Argentina flights leave the domestic airport for Corrientes at 2:20 PM, and arrive Corrientes at 3:40 PM. You will be met by the guides for your transfer to the lodge; a trip of about 1.75 hours. At the end of your stay, if going directly back to Buenos Aires, there is a commercial flight from Corrientes at 3:50 PM, arriving BA at 4:50 PM or so. This allows ample time for transfer to the international airport and your late evening flight back to the states. Some clients elect to spend an extra day or two in BA. Private charter flights are also available and can be arranged to and from most other fishing destinations, as well as Buenos Aires.


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