All Tarponville package inclusions start at your arrival to Tarponville. Travelers are responsible for transportation to and from the lodge. This can be via the domestic airline, shuttle service or rent car.

*Tarponville recommends groups of more than 6 people use ground transportation from San Jose to Tarponville due to weight restrictions of domestic airlines.

Domestic Flights

There is one domestic airline servicing flights from San Jose (SJO) to Limon (LIM) and back. Sansa airline has a terminal next door to the SJO international airport and is a short walk that takes less than 5 minutes. When staying at a hotel the night before, your shuttle or taxi can drop you off directly at Sansa’s terminal.

Flight times: *Preferred times by Tarponville

San Jose (SJO) to Limon (LIO)- 6:35am, *11:45pm, 2:00pm
Limon (LIO) to San Jose (SJO)- 7:30am, *12:50pm, 3:15pm
(Flight times may vary, please check with airline)

Note: Same day arrivals to Tarponville is possible if arriving into San Jose before last departing flight time.

Note: Flights arriving into Limon on the early flight can add half day fishing to package (please confirm with us prior to purchasing).

Ground Transportation

For shuttle service, Costa Rica Shuttle is the recommended company. There are a number of international rent car companies in San Jose. Travel time from San Jose to the lodge is 4 to 6 hours.

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