Flyfishing Trips
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Our sister company the Solitary Angler, provides guiding services in northern New Mexico, southern Colorado and southwest Wyoming.
We work with El Monte Sagrado for the finest lodging in the region.


Your Guide to Fly Fishing the Remote Areas of the World

pescador-logoPescador Solitario is Spanish for Solitary Angler and the name means everything. We do not like crowds! I began saltwater fly-fishing and outfitting twenty one years ago and dedicated my time to finding the next great undiscovered fly-fishing destinations. As you will read below this has expanded well beyond saltwater. We believe that to create a life event, you have to create a life event situation. This is what we do for you in our fishing efforts.

The search began in Central America with great success on the Belize/Mexican border, near the small fishing Village of Xcalak. Bonefish, permit, tarpon, and snook are the primary targets. Some of our clients have made over twenty trips to this location since we started the service 20 years ago. The flats of Chetumal Bay are user friendly and the fishing, in a word, is awesome. Pescador Solitario and our clients were the FIRST to explore this region and guides trained by Pescador Solitario know more about these waters than anyone. If you are a permit junky like me, call us about the best months and moon phases.

This is one location where the fishing just keeps getting better.